VGA Engineering Consultants is headed by Veerasamy 'Ven' Venkatesan, a well known energy professional who has made positive contributions towards energy cost reduction in many countries around the world. Mr. Venkatesan is a CEM & a DoE approved specialist capable of assessing both steam systems & process heating systems, which is an unique capability possessed by only very few professionals in the United States. He is also listed in the UNIDO roster of international energy experts.

Ven has offered professional services in the field of energy management in many countries like India, Netherlands Antilles, USA, UK, China & Malaysia. He is one of the very few energy experts in the world who has served in all the five energy intensive process industry sectors namely:

  1. Steel & Metallurgical industries
  2. Petroleum refineries
  3. Chemical, Fertilizers & Petrochemical industries
  4. Cement & Building material industries
  5. Paper & Forest products industries

Ven has a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering plant design and has field experience in plant operation & process engineering areas. His specialized services include trouble-shooting and solving energy system related problems. Some of his successful trouble-shooting jobs are listed below:

  • Solving the flame impingement problem in a boiler that had frequent tube failures.
  • Flow stabilization in high temperature asphalt circulating pipelines.
  • Elimination of water hammer in a refinery that was threatening the condensate piping system integrity & reliability.
  • Elimination of water hammer in a chemical plant and refineries.

In addition to Ven's capabilities, VGA Engineering Consultants is supported by many internationally renowned professionals in the field of process and utility optimization in industries around the world. With the knowledge & experience of associates, VGA Engineering Consultants can offer the best technical services that a client can get any where in the world.